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Introducing 'The Comm Club'

In today's scenario, just the technical knowledge is not enough. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) a Bethlehem, Pa., conducted a survey, where it asked hiring managers what skills they prioritize when they hire college grads. Unsurprisingly, the ability to communicate, verbally and in writing, was among the top five. People who could speak English well, have an advantage.

The next question is, what language can freshers depend upon. You may be an excellent communicators in your native languages; we often see candidates with Excellent knowledge and experience being rejected by MNCs, if they are unable to Speak English fluently.


How many of us have friends/ family members who help us communicate in English. Many of us have studied in English medium and/ or convent schools, however, when it comes to spoken English, very few schools and colleges actually enforce it. As a result, when Freshers come out in the market for jobs, most often than not, they face a difficult time, due to the inability to express their knowledge and expertise, in English. In other words, speaking in English is a BIG challenge.

I have studied in an English medium school and college. However, I remember that every-time one of us tried to speak in English, others laughed at him/ her, calling him/ her a 'Teacher's pet' or worse 'Angrez ki Aulad'. These are hard hitting realities in the current scenario.

What alternative does an individual have? There is no support system; no network of friends who we can communicate with. Most give up... and leave it to fate... few others resort to reading. While that's a great choice and initiative, it does not help much with spoken English. There are also some books available in the market, promising that you can speak English Fluently, in 30-45 days... again these do not give you the much required practice. 

Communication, after all, is not about having a memory bank full of great words, or knowing the rules of English Grammar... that people may like to listen to, but may not understand... Communication is about expressing your thoughts and ideas in the simple and easy to understand manner.

And that is just what we try and do at 'The Comm Club'. Giving an opportunity, for every member to communicate and Speak in English! Help them simplify their words, construct simple sentences and convey ideas in a grammatically correct form. Along with this, we help individuals improve their pronunciation, that has a marked advantage when it comes to the Corporate world. We help individuals speak better... and perform better.

Welcome to 'The Comm Club'.

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