Train the Trainer Workshop- VnA

Empowering Trainees to speak better...

What is an accent? How is it formed? Is there a Neutral Accent? Which Accent should I follow- American or British?

The above questions are just the tip of the iceberg when the discussion comes to Voice and Accent. 

English is a language of several origins... Latin, Greek, French... even Sanskrit. Hence it goes without saying that the pronunciation should also be influenced by multiple Languages, and not follow a standard pattern. This poses a major challenge for non-native speakers, specially when the first language of the speaker is a phonetic one, like Hindi. We need to understand the sounds of English, how they are created and how they are different from the sounds of our Language. Similarly, the syllable stress rules- is it AE-dress or uh-DRESS? or are both correct? And of course the intonation pattern... 

To help you understanding the nuances of English pronunciation & error correction, along with techniques for empowering your Trainees, we bring you a 5 day comprehensive Train the Trainer Workshop for Voice and Accent Content Knowledge and Delivery.

Who should join this course?

  • Aspiring Trainers: Executives with minimum 4 years experience, who have coached new joinees on quality and soft skills, and now want to move up the ladder
  • Existing Trainers: Trainers with minimum 2 years experience, who have worked on the floor, to coach, mentor and train employees, and who are looking for better opportunities

What is the Key take away for this workshop?

  • RCA of Common Errors
  • Organs of speech
  • Origin of English
  • Identifying the Roots of Communication
  • Mastering the Sounds of English
  • Syllables and Syllable Stress
  • Word Stress
  • Intonation patterns

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