Train the Trainer Workshop- Grammar

Fulfilling the Quest for Knowledge...

With an increasing demand for Trainers and Language Coaches, it has become extremely important that we as Trainers are fully equipped to empower our trainees. When it comes to explaining the concepts of Grammar, in English, most trainers are able to correct the errors, however, fall short of identifying patterns, or empower the Trainees to self correct.

Once we help trainees identify the kind of errors he/ she makes, half our work as a Trainer is done. To be able to do so, we as trainers need to understand the 'why' and 'how' of English Grammar rules.

Trainers often say, "I like to keep it simple!". Does keeping it simple mean that the Trainer himself/ herself should not bother about the nuances and concepts? Or does it mean that the Trainer first makes an effort to understand the concepts and then explains it in an easy and simple manner for the trainees? Once the concepts are clear to the Trainer... simplicity would be the name of the game.

The challenge is, with the plethora of resources available, and the lack of authenticity of content, it is difficult for Trainers also, to choose which resource to follow. With this premise, we are happy to present a 6 days comprehensive Train the Trainer Workshop for Grammar Content Knowledge and Delivery. We truly believe that knowledge grows every time we share it. So join us for an enriching Learning Experience.

Who should join this course?

  • Aspiring Trainers: Executives with minimum 4 years experience, who have coached new joinees on quality and soft skills, and now want to move up the ladder
  • Existing Trainers: Trainers with minimum 2 years experience, who have worked on the floor, to coach, mentor and train employees, and who are looking for better opportunities

What is the Key take away for this workshop?

  • Conducting TNI/ TNA
  • RCA of Common Errors with English
  • Identify the parts of speech in detail
  • Understand the verbs and verb forms
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of Tenses
  • Master Subject Verb Agreement
  • Use quantifiers and demonstratives effectively
  • Train on Prepositions/ Articles
  • Help Trainees Avoiding Indianisms
  • Make Grammar Training fun for learners

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