Simplifying Parts of Speech

Parts of Speech are usually the simplest to explain for most Trainers, however, the most difficult to identify. Take this quiz to know how good you are at identifying the parts of speech. Can you identify the tense and parts of speech in the sentences below:

  1. "He has shared the same story several times."

2. "Samira had had that car for four years, when she sold it off."

3. "I love playing the guitar."

4. "Listening to the chirping of the birds, I woke up."


Were you able to identify all the Nouns, Verbs, Auxiliary Verbs and Adjectives?

Let's look at the following questions:

  1. What's the tense of the first sentence?
  2. What's the tense of the second sentence?
  3. Which part of speech is 'playing', in the third sentence?
  4. Which parts of speech are 'listening' and 'chirping' in the fourth sentence?

Look forward to your answers in the comments. Correct answers will be shared in the next post.

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