Learning Harvest aims at empowering professionals to reach their potential. With focus on constant upskilling and incorporating the latest mantras of Language, Behavioral and Technical Training; Learning Harvest helps people move out of the comfort zone, and on the path of continuous development.

With the right skill, & attitude, we help Professionals analyze their experiences, with various skills required for their job, helping them to gain knowledge, and progress towards wisdom; the wisdom to manage different aspects of their jobs, manage their teams and have better hold over their professional and personal lives; in short, Harvest the Learning from their Life's experience.

Whether it is better communication skills, or Behavioural skills, or Technical know-how, we provide tailor-made solutions, for maximum Return on Investment (ROI).

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Founder: Kanika Jayant

Kanika Jayant

Master Trainer

Kanika has started Learning Harvest, with the target of enhancing the skills-sets, and bridging the knowledge gaps of professionals. She has a passion for learning and sharing. She truly believes that Training involves a two way learning path... one for the Trainee, for knowledge and techniques, and the other for the Trainer, for self enhancement.

Kanika has been a Training and Development professional, for over eleven years. She has extensive experience in coaching, mentoring, and learning facilitation. With the focus on achieving maximum ROI, she works closely with her clients for both long and short term projects, on a variety of topics.

She is a Master Trainer, for Soft Skills and Communication and has conducted several ‘Train the Trainer’ programs, for over 60 trainers.

Her interests include Neuro Linguistics, traveling, studying cultures and human behavior. In the long run, she plans to start an educational institute for special children. She has a passion for animal welfare and is an amateur photographer; loves capturing landscapes and wildlife.