The Comm ClubThe Comm Club

The education system in our country is churning out theory-centric freshers, who have little or no practical knowledge. The Talent pool in the country falls behind due to poor communication skills, poor knowledge of Industry functioning, and lack of exposure to application of concepts learnt in schools and colleges. 

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images-2Fulfilling the Quest for Knowledge...

With an increasing demand for Trainers and Language Coaches, it has become extremely important that we as Trainers are fully equipped to empower our trainees. When it comes to explaining the concepts of Grammar, in English, most trainers are able to correct the errors, however, fall short of identifying patterns...

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learning-harvest-9Corporate Training Solutions

With the ever evolving workforce and increasing competition, we need to maintain a strong and capable team, not just in terms of the technical know-how, but also the Soft Skills. Our programs for soft skills & professional skills cater to a variety of Management levels and ensure to keep you team updated with the latest advancement...

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